Saturday, October 3, 2009

No Spend Month Challenge Recap

Our no spend month of September went pretty well. I didn't end it with as much "extra" money in the bank as I was hoping for. It seems like there was alot of things at the end of the month that added up. Here is a recap of the goals I had for the month.

1. Keep grocery budget to $200 for the month. I succeeded with this. It wasn't that hard since I had a very well stocked freezer.
2. Entertainment budget to $40 for the month. I think we ended up going about $4 over.
3. No eating out. We did great until the end of the month. We did go out to eat on the 26th for our wedding anniversary. We did however use the leftover entertainment money that is why we went over the $4.
4. Eat from the pantry and freezer. I would love to get to the bottom of my freezer so that I can defrost it at the end of the month. We ate only out of the freezer and pantry. I made a huge dent in the freezer and hope to defrost it next week sometime.
5. No shopping unless absolutely necessary! We did really great at this too. Hubby bought one video game with some left over birthday money. We had some gifts to buy but other than that we didn't really buy anything that couldn't wait.

Overall I am pretty satisfied. I will be doing this again in January. How did your month go? Leave a link to your post below. Don't forget to link back to my page!

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