Monday, May 25, 2020

We went to the Grocery Store!

After 36 days the hubs and I finally broke down and went to the grocery store!!  We were really needing some fresh fruits and veggies and we were starting to run out of some staple items like flour, butter, eggs and toilet paper!

We tried not to go hog wild, but as you can see from our receipt, we did a little.  We spent almost $600!  After reviewing all our items when we got home, we were a little disappointed that we spent so much on splurges.  We certainly could have spent less.  Things like beer, pop, cookies and shrimp, we didn't really need, but overall I'm not too upset.  If we can make this round of groceries last for a month like we did before than that is pretty awesome.  I think we were spending an upwards of $1000 a month on groceries before.  Now we are trying to be more mindful of not only our spending but also trying to use what we have on hand and get creative with meals before just running to the grocery store to buy something last minutes or if something just sounded good. 
I'm always curious as to what other people spend on groceries each month.  We have a family of 5, with 2 teenage boys that never seem to get full.  For now, our pantry and freezer are full.  We will see how long we can last! 

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  1. I find its really hard to shop for groceries lately. There are limits on almost everything (at least around here in NY state) and there are really no sales. Sometimes, some things just aren't available. I have been just taking a list of what I need and filling in with what I see available in the store. I'm still staying within my budget though, thankfully. I don't make a meal plan until I get home. Before the pandemic I would have a rough meal plan before going shopping and then finalize it after shopping. Since I have no idea what I will be bringing home with me, I have to wait until after shopping to make the meal plan.