Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to Save Money on Birthday Parties

I have 4 sons, 2 of them have birthdays this month. I have put together a few things that I do to help save a little money while still making their birthday memorable.

1. Don't buy a cake, make it. It is more meaningful this way. We bake all our cakes. My hubby even bakes me a cake when it is my birthday. I always try to take into consideration their likes at the present time. Not only is it memorable, it saves lots of money. To buy a cake at the store already decorated can cost you between $15-$20. I can make a homemade cake for approximately $3.00. Cheaper than that if I can buy the cake mix and frosting on sale which I typically always do.

2. Make your invitations, thank you, and birthday cards. Try and hand deliver as many as possible to avoid paying postage.

3. You can have a nice meal for your guests without breaking your budget. Since my son is 13 and having lots of friends over, we are doing frozen pizzas for dinner. Ordering pizza in would cost about $60.00, eating frozen pizzas roughly $10.00. You could also save money by making your own pizzas. If your party if for adults or a family member you could have a potluck. You could make the main dish and have friends and family bring the sides. Or if serving a meal is not in the budge have your party in the afternoon and just serve dessert.

4. Keep decorations minimal. I have a bag of party decorations. In that bag is 4 different colors of streamers, 3 foiled birthday signs, and a bag of balloons. I have used this same bag of decorations for the last 3 years. We usually print some birthday signs on the computer to add a personal touch.

5. Supply your own music and entertainment. For my sons party, they are just watching movies that we already own and playing video games. Some of the games are ours, others his friends are bringing over. For adults, play board games or cards or just enjoy some adult conversation!


  1. Awesome ideas!! What brand of frozen pizza do you use? Have you found any that taste like delivery?

  2. I haven't found any that taste like delivery yet! We usually buy Jack's. I try and stock up on them when they are $2 each or less. My family goes through alot of frozen pizza!