Monday, February 16, 2009

Target Coupons

Target just put up new coupons this past Sunday. It looks to me like there is some pretty good ones. You can go here to check them out.

The one I will take advantage of the most is the $1 off broccoli, cauliflower or Green Giant Romain lettuce. This will make for some cheap veggies. I plan to stock up on broccoli, cook it up and freeze it for later use. Remember too, you can combine manufacturer coupons with the Target coupon to make it even cheaper. There is a $2.00 Kashi coupon out there that you can combine with the $1 Target coupon making them free or nearly free. If you like Chex mix there is a $1 printable coupon here for Firefox users and here for Internet Explorer users. Press your back button and you should be able to print it twice. There is also a manufacturer coupon out there as well, making these a good deal.


  1. I also like printing coupons at the store in the customer service area. Then I do not pay for ink or paper, especially when I mess up and mark coupons that I don't want by accident.

  2. Yea, that is handy. Unless I am wanting like 10 of a certain coupon. Then I use A Full Cup to print.