Sunday, February 22, 2009

Target Shopping Deal

I went to Target last night. I got some great deals. Here is what I got.

Cascade rinse $3.14-coupon for free bottle=free
2 pairs of dress pants for hubby to wear to work. Normally $19.99 on clearance for $9.98=$19.96
5 Kashi cereal bars@$3.29 x 5=$16.45-5 $2MC and 5 $1 Target coupons=.29 each or $1.45 for 5
10 Valentine tissue paper 90% clearance reg. $.99 clearanced at .09 x 10=$.90
And my favorite deal of the night.
Valentine napkins at the dollar spot. Marked $2.50, all red dot merchandise was 75% off so I got 14 sets of 2 napkins for .62 each. 14 x .62=$8.68 That makes each napkin .31!

OOP=$31.59 plus I had a gift card with $7.93 so I only had to pay $23.66

I was so excited. I am in the process of making some napkins, but I have been trying to find some at a really great deal and I finally did. I decided it really didn't matter what they look like. We are just using them to wipe our dirty face and hands! I know my sister is looking for some also so that is why I got so many! Hey Julie, do you want some of these? :)

There was a lot of cloth napkins in the houseware section at 75% off. I found some neat gray ones and there was 2 of them in a package. They were marked at $1.48. That is a great deal too but the Valentines ones were an even better deal.


  1. That is sweet-good for you! I am bummed that they didn't have those napkins out when I was there on Thursday! I'd like to find some seasonal ones to mix things up once in a while here.