Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

I am participating in the weekly wrap up over at Getting Ahead. This is where I post the things that I have done this week to be frugal.

I am almost embarrassed to participate because I feel like I really didn't do much to be frugal this week. . If fact quite a bit of money went out this week for different odds and ends. While some of them were needs, most of them were wants. Here are the few things I did do.

*Hubby took lunch to work everyday.
*Kept the heat at 66/67 each day. I even turned it off one day this week.
*Washed all the clothes in cold water.
*Finished my second cloth napkin.
*Had a prescription transferred over to Walgreens and recieved a free $25 gift card.
*Bought lots of generic foods this week while grocery shopping, saving quite a bit. (I stocked up on shredded cheese. I found 8 ounce bags on sale for $1.25 each!)
*Made homemade Valentines for my hubby and children instead of buying them.

Hopefully next week will be better. I am anticipating it to be a little less frugal as well since I have my two oldest sons birthdays next week. We will see how I do. How did you do this week?