Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lots of Freebies at Target This Week

Some great Target deals to be had this week.

Pledge Wipes $3.00
- $1.00 here and
-$2.00 here

Mini Artisan Breads $.99 each
- $1.00 here or here

GE Energy Smart Lightbulbs $1.00
- $1.00 here
= FREE! (thanks to Kerri)

For other Target deals you can head over to Stretching a Buck.

There is still the coupons out for the $2 off Sutton and Dodge meat, $1 off Motts Applesauce and $.50 off 2 Market Pantry soups. All very good deals.

I will be heading out tonight and I will let you know what I come up with!

I just got back from Target. The $.99 cent bread was gone and so were the lightbulbs :(
I did however get the Pledge. I couldn't find the wipes so I got Pledge Multi-surface cleaner in the blue spray bottle. It was not discounted to $3.00 at my Target it was $3.89, I paid .89 so not bad. I did get a TON of meat again. I did great. I will post about that later.


  1. would you hyper-link the bread coupon?

  2. Doh~sorry! It's up. Hopefully you have better luck then I did.