Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning is in Full Swing

I have officially started my Spring cleaning. The nice weather puts me in the mood to clean the house from top to bottom to get rid of all the Winter "yuck" that has accumulated the last 5 or so months. I love having my house clean even if it only looks nice for a few minutes! It is extremely hard to keep a tidy house with 5 boys (yes, I am counting my husband as a boy too.)

Here is my before picture...And here is my after...unfortunately it didn't look this nice for very long!Friday I got started on my kitchen. Here is the master list. The items marked in blue are done!!

clean out the drawers
organize the shelves and cookbooks

clean top and inside
clean cookie jars
*Fridge and Freezer
clean out the inside and organize
wipe down
clean the outside
replace baking soda
take everything out and
wash inside

spray outside with wood oil
*Oven and Stove
Clean burners
clean oven and racks

*Trash can and recycle can
take outside and wash
*Floor and rugs
*Area by fridge
organize papers

I am hoping to get the rest done by Wednesday. That is my goal. Then it will be on to the next room in the house!

How about you? Are you Spring cleaning? If so, do you have a method to your madness? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know your strategy.


  1. Ha! LOVE your attention to detail! Just wish I could get it done too! We are moving this week so the spring clean will wait, but moving means cleaning! I am so into frugal living...I am going to be back and read some more!

  2. We will be starting our spring cleaning next month when our departments have "spring break" and we have a tiny bit more free time. We will make an extensive list and tackle one thing at a time until it is done. Not a real technique, exactly, but it sure feels nice to cross things off the list.

  3. I love being able to cross things off a list. I just wished I crossed them off faster then I added to them!

  4. Beautiful transformation.... do you get the whole family to help out, or is it more sane if you just do it yourself?

  5. I do most of it myself. My toddler and preschooler love to "help"! I am sure you can imagine how productive that it!

  6. I'm spring cleaning too. Although this weekend was exhausting, it is a great feeling that the house was truly clean!

  7. I have been in deep spring cleaning mode the past 2 weeks!

    I have:
    *Cleaned and defrosted the freezer
    *Reorganized my pantry shelves
    *washed and cleaned both vehicles out
    *washed windows
    *raked left over leaves from the yard
    *Rearranged my living room so I could vacuum under everything.
    *Cleaned out and organized the linen closet
    *Wiped down all my cabinets and woodwork

    This weeks agenda is:

    *clean my hall "junk" closet
    *wash down walls
    *And finally buy my new paint for the master bathroom. It won't get painted this week, but at least it is a start.

    Sounds like you are doing a good job. I love when everything is clean!

  8. Wendylea~You were very busy! Great job.