Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frugal Dinner

Here is a meal I cooked for my family for approximately $4.50. There is 6 of us, so that is about $.75 per person.

Porkchops~Had a peelie on them for $3 off at Target making them only $3.11 for 6 chops
Dole Salad~On sale at Target for $2.00, used $1 Target printable here to make it only $1.00
Kraft Mac and Cheese~Bought at Wal-Mart for $.46


  1. HyVee had "try me free!" peelies on hillshire farms cracked pepper turkey (deli lunch meat).
    same trip -- I got 50 cent hot cocoa packs for camping and low cost steaks. I've been hitting Dahls' and HyVee for the reduced meats. My guess is that these packages have been out too long to balance the supply of meat just purchased. i also got the advertised ten pound turkey at SuperTarget. Love cheap meals with two kids eating like adults now.

  2. I love the reduced meats! Target is usually where I score on that. Usually they are about to expire. But, if you freeze them or use them right away they are perfect.

  3. You are awesome!