Sunday, April 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is going to be a crazy week for us. We have 4 ballgames and 2 track meets this week, not to mention practices on the days they don't have a meet or game. It is so hard for me to plan meals on the nights we are gone to events. For example on Tuesday our oldest has a track meet 1/2 hour away. We will have to be there by 4:15pm. My second oldest has a baseball game and has to be at his field 15 minutes away at 5:15. There just isn't time to sit down and have a meal. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to know what others do on the nights they have events. I could always pack sandwiches but I really don't feel like cold cuts 4 nights this week.

Here is a tentative plan for the week.

Tuesday~Busy night with baseball game and track meet, we probably will just eat at the fields.
Wednesday~Family Night~Steak, grilled bread, garlic red potatoes and fruit (no events!)
Thursday~Baseball game, will probably pack a sack dinner for everyone
Friday~Another game...I just don't know :(

Obviously I am struggling this week with my meal plan. Unfortunately the next few weeks all look similar. I need to get a plan going so I am not spending a fortune at the concession stand!

To see what others are having this week visit I'm an Organized Junkie.


  1. You could always plan a picnic meal cold fried chicken, pasta. You can also check out or any other site for packing a lunch.

  2. i am an expert at this!
    think "tailgating" and it makes it much more fun :)
    our favorite is chicken and pasta.
    recipe here...
    also, check out for recipes that you can take with you.
    pasta salads
    bean salads
    pita with chicken or tuna
    veggies and dip
    fresh fruit
    cheese sticks or yogurt
    just pack a cooler, some lemonade, it's a party!
    i keep a basket with plates, napkins, utensils, cups in the car. baby wipes come in handy too. and reuse those bags from the grocery store for trash.
    empty your ice maker in some ziploc bags to grab and use for drinks and to keep stuff cold.
    alot of stuff can be made ahead and kept in the fridge.
    your family will think you are a hero, and you will save some big bucks! not to mention the higher nutritional quality.
    good luck. i hope it's a winning season :)

  3. if that recipe link doesn't work, go to, search for "chicken and pasta"

    or try this!

  5. I think anything you can do to keep it a family meal is priceless, even if it's on the bleachers. I like the above ideas for take and eat meals. We'll have when we can. Grandma Anita

  6. I totally agree with the idea of tailgating and bringing dinner with you picnic style! You just have to think beyond cold cut sandwiches. How about making your own hot dogs and burgers at home and wrapping them in foil to keep warm, then bring veggies and fruits. Walking tacos would be an easy idea to do from home and save the expense of buying them there. Pasta salads are easy to add chicken and beef to. It will take more planning ahead of time but will certainly be worth it on your budget and your family time to do so. Good luck!

  7. Thanks for all the info Julie! I appreciate everyones ideas! I just needed to get some ideas flowing.

  8. Moms that plan their meals a week in advance are amazing. You may enjoy these easy recipes that you can make and have lots of leftovers for on game nights: