Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Organizing Your Drawers

I find that if everything has a place it is much easier to stay organized. I have bought these plastic bins from Wal-Mart. You can get different sizes that fit into your drawers. I use them to organize my drawers as well as many other items around the house. The above picture is a drawer in my kitchen. As you can see there is a bin for tools, matches and lighters and batteries. Having these bins makes it so 1. things are easier to find and 2. it gets put back in its original place instead of just throwing it back into the drawer.

I also have bins randomly around the house for example...

~On my desk to hold recipes until I am ready to balance my checkbook or balance my budget.
~In my bathroom to organize all my supplies. (One for make-up, one for nail supplies, one for hair accessories, one for chap get the idea.)
~In my husbands bathroom to organize all his supplies.
~On my hutch to hold keys, wallets and other misc. items.
~Also on my hutch to hold medications.

If you are going crazy with drawer clutter I highly recommend this cheap method. It works for me!

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  1. I use those little bins in the kitchen,it sure helps keep things like silverware organzed and it keep the drawers cleaner. The bins are easy to take out and wash :)

  2. When I was pregnant and nesting lol ... I purchased a bunch of those bins and de-cluttered every draw. It is so nice not having a "junk" draw in every room, everything has an area .. know I just have to get my DH to use them!

  3. Wow, such a simple idea that is genius! I'm currently in a giant spring cleaning mode and this looks like the trick for finally taming my drawer clutter. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Great idea! I'm going to have to use this one! :)


  5. I am an organizing freak - which is really expensive if you let it get out of control. I love these organizing bins, great tip!

  6. Wonderful tips! Thank you!! My challenge is to have my hubby put things back in the original place. He loves to leave his traces all over the house...

  7. I love those bins! Their cheap and versatile! I use them in my baking drawer as well as the bathroom for all of DD's various hair pretties. Thanks for linking!

  8. I'll never forget when our assistant manager decided to re-organize the office and didn't tell us.
    Let me just say that it would have been nice if he had left us a map. We kept calling him for a least a week. lol