Thursday, April 2, 2009

Preview of Target Ad 4/05

Thank you to Kerri at Southeast Iowa Deals for posting the Target Ad for this upcoming Sunday. You can go here to check it out. Looks like the Gillette gift card deal could be good. Also, eggs for .99 isn't bad.


  1. I had to laugh at their pop prices this week. 3 for $11 this week is just outrageous when we I got 9 for $14 (after deposit and tax) last Monday with coupons.

  2. Oh jeez, I can't type. See what happens when you try to hurry?? LOL!

    Should have read "when I got...."

  3. I know. I was going to stock up on that price too, but we still have a lot of 2 liter here that I bought when they were on sale for .88 at Fareway. I resisted the urge to buy more!