Friday, April 10, 2009

Response from Fareway

Here is an email I received from the President of Fareway. It looks like my Fareway will now be accepting Internet printable coupons. Yipee!

Hi Sara,

I spoke with the Manager at the south Ankeny Fareway
store and he informed me that they are accepting
internet coupons and have been for several weeks.
Recently several fraudulent coupons have appeared
in the Des Moines area. One is for Velveeta cheese
and the other is for aluminum foil. We are not
accepting those coupons. They were altered and
then put on the internet and are being printed off the
internet and presented at stores for redemption. This
has been a problem several years and the store was
reluctant to accept any internet coupons. You should
not have a problem redeeming valid coupons at the store.

Thanks for highlighting Fareway on your blog and for
shopping at Fareway.


Fred Greiner


  1. Yay! Good for you for going straight to the top. I know that IP policy just recently changed in Burlington and they're taking them now too. Hooray!