Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stocking Up on Loss Leaders

Loss Leaders are items that stores sell at or below the wholesale price. Stores advertise these products that bring them next to zero profit hoping that they will bring you into their store and get you to buy a few impulse purchases. The store is willing to take a loss on these discounted items because they plan to recoup their loss through higher sales and increases traffic.

Loss Leaders are usually advertised on the front and back pages of the ad. You might also see large colorful signs in the store.

The key to taking advantage of loss leaders is to only stock up on those items. Resist the urge to buy other items. If there is a limit on these items, take your spouse with you or your kids. Everyone can get their limit. If you live near the store you can make multiple trips. If you have to drive by the store anyway to drop your child off at school you might as well slip in and cash in on the savings. Another suggestion I have is when you sit down to make your meal plan look at the ad and plan your meals around what is offered at a deep discount for the week.

Take advantage of the loss leaders you can reasonable store and use. It can really stretch your grocery budget.

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  1. Loss leaders.. I call them Door Busters :) Love'm! Shop for them all the time, combining with coupons whenever possible... love to save!

  2. So true. They are a fantastic way to stock the pantry.