Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

It is Friday again, time to list out some of the things I did this week to be frugal. I had a much better week this week.

I did the usual of using cloth napkins, turning heat cycle off of dishwasher, and washing all clothes in cold water. Here is what else we did...

~Hubby changed wires and plugs in our van for a total of $60. The car place was going to charge us $300! That was a huge savings.
~I didn't have the heat on for part of the week!
~My dear father-in-law tilled up my garden today so now I am ready to plant!
~My dear father-in-law also helped my dear husband cut down a tree in our backyard. Saving quite a bit of money if we had to pay a service to come chop it down for us.
~I did minimal grocery shopping this week.
~Bought 2 shirts and a pair of Levi shorts for my son at the thrift store, spending $6.
~My family and I picked up trash at the park on Earth Day.
~We officially started using our compost box.
~I have also been taking advantage of our rain barrels to clean off some garden equipment.

How did you do this week? Visit Jennifer over at Getting Ahead to see what others have done this Earth week!


  1. We are so excited, we have lettuce, peas, and spinach coming up in the garden and lettuce and spinach coming up in the deck boxes. This should help us a lot, along with the other plants that will go into the ground when it gets warmer.

  2. You had a great week! I wish it was time for me to plant more. I have lettuce and peas, but nothing else will go in until the end of May.

  3. My son and his GMA planted a garden at her house. He has cucumbers and watermelons coming up now! We have to till the ground here at our house so we can all plant some seeds as a family! I love growing our own vegetables.

  4. Another comment, I noticed that has a site dedicated to cheap meals.

  5. we are looking for wood and sawdust for a pit/barrel firing of our clay. can we come over to burn for a day?