Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Weekly Shopping Trip 5/5/09

Well tonight was my weekly shopping night. I went to 3 stores. I am having an "Eat from the Pantry Challenge" so I am really trying to stay under my $250 goal for the month of May. This is 1/2 of my normal budget.

I paid $13.59
I actually didn't use any coupons.

2 packages of baby carrots $.71 each
3 packages of grapes $.71 lb
7 lbs of apples $.71 lb
2 dozen eggs $.89 each
1 gallon skim milk $2.27

I paid $11.25
1 loaf of white bread $1.39
G2 $4.77
Jolly Time Popcorn $2.00
Hy-Vee Potatoes 5 lb $1.49
3 boxes Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal $1.58 each
1 box Frosted Flake Cereal $1.58
12 Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt $.40 each

Coupons used...
Hy-Vee coupon for bread -$1.00
Hy-Vee coupon for potatoes -$.61
Free coupon for popcorn -$2.00
(4) Kellogg's coupons -$4.00
Hy-Vee coupon for yogurt -$1.00
(2) Dannon coupons for $.40/6 -$1.20

Total before coupons...$21.06
Total after coupons...$11.25
For the record I usually do not buy Gaterade. However, I am tired of paying $1.50 per bottle at the ball field for my DS to have a drink. It is always his special treat at his game. Now I am only paying about $.60 per bottle.

I paid $5.54(8) Prego Pasta Sauce clearanced to $.50 each = $4.00
(1) Suddenly Salad $.78
(1) Card $.44
(4) Band Aids $1.18

Coupons used...
-$.40 Suddenly Salad
(4) $1.00 Band Aid -$4.00

Total before coupons...$9.94
Total after coupons...$5.85 with tax

Grand Total for the night...$30.69
Coupon Savings...$14.21
*****These Band Aids were found in the regular First Aid aisle at Wal-Mart next to all the other Band Aids. They only had the Diego style. They were $1.18 a box. There are 10 bandages in the box. Use the $1.00 of Any Band Aid Product coupon from 3/13 SS to get these for $.18! I am not sure if they are considered "Trial Size" or not. If they are not, then you could also use the $1.00 coupon from the 2/08 and 4/26 SS.


  1. Wow, good job! I wish we could survive off of just 1 gallon of milk a week!!! We go through at least 2! :-)

  2. Good Job on your deals!

    I had to chuckle at your comment about not using any coupons at Fareway because there are not any coupons that I know of for milk, eggs, and fresh produce. :)

    Oh and one gallon of milk for the week?? I am impressed! Around here it is at least 3-4 gallons each week. That is why I am glad that the milk prices have gone down some! Now they are running around $2/gallon instead of $3.50-$4/gallon.

  3. LOL, yeah I guess you usually don't see coupons for those things! I was tired! I still have 1/2 gallon of milk left. Usually we go through 1 1/2-2 per week. With Summer about to be here and 2 more kids being home I am guessing that will go up a bit!

  4. WOW, I too wish we could stick to one gallon of milk a week. We go through 4 or 5 gallons a week.

    I too have a family of 6. Three boys, one girl, a husband, and myself. And of course I can't forget the cat! :)

    I am going to have to check out the Band Aids at Wal-mart. My boys are constantly wanting a band aid for their hurts.