Monday, June 22, 2009

Target Deals Week of 6/21-6/27

I am so behind on gardening and housework this week that I am leaving the Target match ups to someone else! Marci over at Stretching a Buck always has a great Target list each week. For the best deals at Target check out her site.


  1. Hey Sara,
    I wrote you last week about my dismay over the fact that there isn't double and triple couponing in our area. I had heard that K'mart was doubling coupons July 5-11, so I called our Des Moines stores and no one was able to tell me for certain that they were or were not, but thought they would have heard by now if they were. I know I am under your Target category, but just wondered if you followed K'mart at all and had anyway of knowing about their double couponing. Thanks for your tips. Michelle

  2. Hey Michelle,

    I heard that not all stores are participating and if the cover of your weekly ad has a bright red box with $2 doubles on it, your store is participating.

    My local ad didn't have it, so I am assuming they are not participating. I think calling is your best option. They would HAVE to know if they are participating you would think!