Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip June 25

Here is what I got today at Hy-Vee. I did some big time stocking up. I got in on their 3 day sale that runs today through Saturday. I didn't see the 3 day sale advertised so it was a pleasant surprise. There was some really great deals. Here is what I got.

HV Blueberry bagel $.99 x 2
HV Vanilla Yogurt $.39 x 6
HV Sandwich Bread $1.18 x 2
Hotdogs $.99 x 7
HV Cottage Cheese $.99 x 6
HV 8 oz Packaged Cheese $1.50 x 6
HV Shredded Cheese $.99 x 14
Bananas $.39 lb 7.53lb = 2.93
Strawberries 4 lb $4.88
Whole White Mushrooms $.99 package x 2
Red Bell Pepper $.67
Sweet Corn 12 Ct $3.99

Total Spent $57.26

Here is what I spent at Target today. I stocked up big time on the Eggo waffles. I had picked up a ton of $1.00 off coupons at Hy-Vee a few months back. There were gobs of them at the customer service counter and I have been just holding onto them for a great deal like this!

Eggo Waffles $1.50 x 22 = 33.00
Oscar Mayer Hotdogs $3.54
Hunt's Ketsup $1.27
Beef Steak 3.91
Beef Steak 4.63
Beef Steak 4.87
Edy's Ice Cream Singles 6 @ $1.19 = $7.14

Total before coupons...58.36

Coupons Used
- $3.54 Free coupon for Hotdogs
-$1.27 Free coupon for Ketsup
-$3.00 (3) Target Steak coupons
-$6.00 (3) $2.00 Peelies on the steaks
-$6.00 (6) Target Edys coupons
-$22.00 (22) Eggo coupons

Total after coupons...$16.85
Plus I had a $5 giftcard from a few weeks back so I paid $11.85 out of pocket.


  1. That's amazing! I saw the $1 off Edy's and never thought to use it on the singles :) By the way, it says "Limit one offer per transaction", so they let you use 6 in one transaction anyway?

  2. Wow, that is amazingly impressive. Better than I have ever done. Wish I had a Hy-Vee where I lived!!

  3. That Target trip is the stuff of legends! You rocked that deal big time! I'm in awe.

  4. Great deals! Especially that Target trip.

  5. Wow, you rocked this week, way to go!