Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

It is Friday and time for the Weekly Wrap Up hosted by Jennifer over at Getting Ahead. Here is what I did this week to be frugal or didn't do. I feel like maybe I shouldn't really participate this week because I didn't do very much that really sticks out in my mind. I didn't have a very good week.

I did terrible on my meal plan. We ate out 2 nights this week. I have been working all week on a garage sale that we are having today and tomorrow so I have been too tired to cook all week. I made a few extra runs to the grocery store adding an additional $35 to my grocery total for the week. I broke down and turned the air on for a few hours because I couldn't stand the humidity in the house.

I did return pop cans to the redemtion center. We ate leftovers when we did eat at home. I picked lettuce out of my garden and had chicken salad one night for dinner. I mowed the yard and added the grass clippings to the garden for mulch. I made some banana bread to sell at my garage sale, which I did today netting about $20.

I hope you all had a better week than I did. Next week will be a better week for me.

Head over to Getting Ahead and see how others did.


  1. Some weeks are just like that and it can be frustrating. Better luck next week.

  2. We all have those weeks were it seems everything including life just gets in the way.

  3. I think having a garage sale counts for extra points! Great job!
    In anticipation of lots of entertaining, I got out my old summery plastic dishes, and I made cloth napkins that are actually nice (fabric from on a great sale). I was dishing out waaaaay too much on my paper/plastic table settings.

  4. i did amazingly well at meals with this being VBS week. thursday, I used the crockpot for shredded bbq chicken sandwiches with the $.88/lb chicken breasts from HV. all the ingredients and side dishes were in the pantry! didn't even consider that meal, nothing at all was planned, until I read an email that morning. I feel very blessed to live near every store I could want (almost) which really assists in my limited storage space. I picked up some free milk with the HV GM cereal special for making yogurt. I'm planning to make my own yogurt on Monday. Strawberry flavor, of course.

  5. You are much too hard on yourself! Plus, you spend your time helping all of us save money too. I love your blog! I am new to couponing and saving and your blog has been very encouraging.