Monday, July 6, 2009

A Walk Through My Garden

I am pretty proud of my garden this year. I have been working really hard to take care of it and keep the weeds down. So far, (fingers crossed) I haven't had too many issues. Here are my tomato plants. The oldest plants have gotten blight really bad. I haven't invested in any chemicals to treat them. So far they are still blooming and I actually have tomatoes on them as you can see from the picture below. I have 7 plants that I put in the early Spring and 5 smaller plants I put in within the last couple weeks. I am hoping the smaller ones don't get the disease.Here are my green bell peppers. The peppers that are on there now are about ready to be picked. I also have red bells and an unbelievable amount of hot peppers. My hubby is a huge salsa fan and makes his own so we have quite the variety of hot peppers growing.Here is my lettuce. I have been eating lettuce for a couple weeks straight now. I planted leaf lettuce and head lettuce. The head lettuce never formed heads. It just came out as leaves. Both have been really great to eat. This is my watermelon vines. I have 3 plants here. They are now finally getting blooms on them. I was starting to wonder. Hopefully now they will get pollinated.My peas have done well for what I have to work with. I haven't gotten alot of them. The deer have enjoyed them as well unfortunately. I didn't get very many that germinated so my crop is very low. What I did get were very sweet and you could eat them right off the vine. Just what I was hoping for.My onions are also thriving. I planted white and red onions this year. I have 4 cantaloupe plants. All seem to be vining nicely. I had to trim a few back already. There are lots of blooms and a few little starts of melons.I didn't get a good picture of the cucumbers. They are a little strange this years. They keep curling around themselves and I have to try and untangle them without breaking the vines. I have never had this problem before. It is very unusual. I do have cucumbers though. One is already about 6 inches long. Not much longer and I will be able to add it to my fresh lettuce salad!

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  1. The garden is looking great! We've had a small harvest of cherry tomatoes from the container we have growing on our back patio.

  2. What a great garden! This is our 2nd year to have a garden and we're getting better at it, but it is still pretty small. I'd love to have cantaloupe plants!

  3. What a great garden it is so big! I love it! I think I might have a couple of tomato plants with blight too this year. I went and got organic spray and sprayed everything good last weekend. I can't afford to lose the 14 plants I have. I have big plans for those tomatoes! A $7 thing of organic spray will hopefully be well worth it in the end.