Friday, July 3, 2009

Week in Review

Here are some of the things I did this week to be frugal.

~I am really enjoying the clothesline and I hung 6 loads of laundry this week!
~I used my rain barrels twice this week to water the garden. They were both empty. It did rain a little today so one barrel is already 3/4 filled again.
~I paid a couple bills over the phone saving postage.
~We ate lots of leftovers, cleaning out the fridge.
~I grocery shopped on Wednesday and only bought fruit, eggs and dairy. My goal is to only buy produce and dairy for the month of July. I spent just under $50.00 for the week.
~I have been using cash for everything and saving all of my change. I am getting quite the collection!
~I took cans back and got $7, adding that to the change jar.

How did your week go?


  1. I had a very frugal week, and I had my 200th blog post. Here are 20 tips for shopping I have learned along the way.

  2. our rain barrels were emptied, so the rain has been great. they are overflowing now. Are you taking the All You Challenge of $25/person/week groceries?