Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Canning Time

I have had a busy couple days. I spent part of Saturday and Sunday canning peaches that I got on sale at the store. (.78 lb) I bought about 40lbs and canned 16 quarts. My kiddos love peaches! I have 2 peach trees but neither of them produced this year. Last year my sister and I canned over 60 quarts! That lasted us all Winter. Here is what my trees looked like last year.

I follow the directions for canning peaches out of my Blue Ball canning book, but I also found this great website with wonderful photos if you are interested. Peaches are on sale at most stores this week. I know Fareway has them for $.88 lb and last I checked Wal-Mart had them for $.78 lb.

We also got 4 jars of salsa canned. We are in desperate need to can more, as we have an abundance of hot peppers and tomatoes now!


  1. Could make peach salsa, it can be really delicious.

  2. Hi, just found your blog today and its very good. I will probably be grabbing your button for my blog. Anyway, Im curious as a home canning newbie, are you water bathing or pressure canning your peaches?

  3. maybe you could find someone to trade -- peppers for ??? craigslist

  4. Hi Leah,
    I am using a water bath canner for my peaches.