Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Look High, Low and Behind

I found this Hershey's Syrup back behind all the other syrups on the shelf at the store the other day. The yellow caught my eye! These bottles were the same price as the others but had 2 extra ounces in them.

Sometimes you can find items with extra ounces, extra items, or even coupons attached. It helps to be on the look out for these things.


  1. So true! When the first round of Kraft coupons came out in the spring I scored a lot of 16 oz bbq sauces for the 12 oz price, just by looking behind!

  2. That's a great idea! The thing you have to be careful of, though, is the expiration date because some of those bottles just get pushed back there by lazy employees.

    On a random note, I decided to follow your blog because you're one of the only Central Iowa finance blogs I've seen. Do you know of any others? (I love your blog, by the way.)

  3. You are right! I love finding extra product like that.