Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Garden Update

Our garden is still doing great! This is what I picked on Tuesday night. Cantaloupe anyone? My cantaloupe this year are doing awesome! So far I think my number is up to somewhere around 36 melons so far. The vines are dying off now, but there are still a few left out there. The cucumbers have also been producing like crazy. I have never had so many before. I have been giving them away by the dozens.The bell peppers are still coming on thick and I am excited because the red bells are finally starting to turn red! The tomatoes and hot peppers are still producing well. My watermelon seems to be growing still I am just waiting for it to fall off the vines. Probably sometime next month for that. I am even getting a few strawberries still here and there.


  1. Awesome! I have always wanted to grow fruit, but have only ever done veggies.


  2. What a wonderful harvest you are having! I have always wanted to try cantaloupe. You certainly have had wonderful luck with it.

  3. If you live anywhere near Des Moines I would love to buy some of your cucumbers if you are interested. I'm looking for 9-11 more pounds so I can do another batch of dill pickles...

  4. our tomatoes are rocking right now.

  5. Do the cantaloupe spread a lot as they grow? We don't have a lot of gardening space but I LOVE cantaloupe so I'd like to try it next year. I hate paying so much at the store for them when they're not even good half the time!

  6. Teresa,
    Thanks for offering to buy some cucumbers. I don't think I have that many left now! Sorry. I gave a bunch away before I read your comment. If I get anymore I will let you know though.

    Cantaloupe spread out alot. They need quite a bit of room to grow. They are worth it though. The taste is so much better than any store bought cantaloupe.