Tuesday, August 25, 2009

September~No Spend Month

Well I have declared that September will be a no spend month for our household. What does this mean? Well back in January we did a 30 Days of Nothing Challenge, it won't be quit that severe! My goals for this month are the following.

1. I would like to keep my grocery budget to $200 for the month. That is $300 below what I normally budget. I want to eat out of the pantry as much as possible. My freezer is very well stocked right now and I need to eat everything that is on the BOTTOM!! Sticking to the meal plan is very important.
2. We budget $140 for Entertainment, I would like to keep that at $40. That averages $10 per week.
3. We won't be purchasing anything unless we absolutely have to. No clothes, no eating out.
4. With the kids back in school it will be easier to keep lights off and the thermostat turned up to save on energy. I have already been hanging 90% of the laundry.

I will be checking in weekly to give you an update on how we did for the week. I feel like if I blog about it, it will hold me more accountable. I really want to save some money this month.

What about you? Care to join in with me? There are no rules. You can list your own goals for the month. I will set up a Mr. Linky if I get enough people involved and we can all check in and see how we did. Let me know if you want to join!

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  1. I love this idea!!! I'm going to think about it and see how I can make it work for my family. We have 4 birthdays in Oct plus getting ready for Christmas so I have to figure in gift shopping but I'm going to think about it and let you know what I come up with.

  2. I really like this idea...I need to do the same with our food/household shopping. I need to take a month and use up a lot. Next month would be perfect to prepare meals for dinner as well as freezing some for when I have the baby! As for entertainment we could just plan one trip to the farm for apples and keep our budget very low.

  3. I'm in for a no spend challenge. We will have the exceptions of paying for dance class, co-op, and my son's science class but other than that we should be good.

  4. It does look like we are thinking a bit alike doesn't it? :) Looking forward to seeing how it works for you!

  5. Oh my goodness that is a great idea! I am about to hop over to your 30 Days of Nothing post and see how you did!

  6. This is an awesome idea I'm going to tuck away for a future month, but September does not work for me! We've been living frugally for months, but in September, DH finally gets a real estate commission, so we are going to make some big purchases we've been putting off for lack of funds (sofa, vacuum cleaner, etc.) But maybe for October?!

  7. I will be doing a no spend month in September too.