Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gardening Update

My garden is still producing well. Thankfully we got some much needed rain the other day. My garden got a good drink and my rain barrels are full again. Here is what I picked this morning. I also had 2 additional watermelon that are not in the picture. I brought them in and cut into them to see if they were ripe. They were, thankfully.I also canned 11 quarts of tomatoes Monday night. I am happy to have this done. This will be great when Winter comes. Fresh tomatoes for chili and stews are the best!


  1. Did you make your rain barrels or buy them? For the past two summers I've planned on making one but I never did. I have the barrel and found a good how to on YouTube.

  2. Jennifer,
    We made our rain barrels. You can read about them here...