Friday, September 18, 2009

No Spend Challenge Update

Well, we are over half way through the month. Things have been going pretty well. We haven't bought anything ridiculous. We did have a few extra expenses this week. Thankfully they were all for things that I already had money set aside for. For example we purchased school pictures this week. This was $21 for each child. I have a separate fund for "school activities/expenses" so this was already covered. Also hubby needed new windshield wipers for his car, this was covered under the "car maintenance" fund. Also, my hairdryer broke. It's always something.

I did feel the urge to want to spend this week. I really want to box in my strawberry beds, but I feel good that I am maintaining control and not running out and buying the wood just because I want it.

Today the kids and I went garage saling. Something I do every Friday. It was hard to say no, so I ended up spending a little extra money. I did however resist the incredible urge to want to stop at McDonald's and get a fry for a snack. We sometimes get a snack or lunch there on Fridays. I drove right by today.

We spent about $43 on groceries for the week. Hubby had to stop and get some food before going to a football party last weekend so he spent about $18. That wasn't really planned. I really wanted to stock up on some good sales this week but am not going to because I know I really need to eat what we have on hand right now.

I have $91 left for groceries this month.

How did your week go? Leave a link to your post below. Don't forget to link back to my page.

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  1. I'm glad I did the no spend challenge this month. It's taught me alot about where the money goes and how I can make alot of changes. I'm definetly going to be changing alot of things next month.