Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip and Holiday Clearance

Well tonight I did my weekly grocery shopping. I am going to try and get back to my once a week grocery shopping night. The last few weeks I have made multiple trips, didn't have my coupons organized and didn't follow my list very well. Tonight I was prepared. I had my coupons cut and organized in my binder and left with my lists ready for each store.

I didn't take any pictures but I did some major stocking up tonight. Here are the highlights.

At Fareway I spent $111.82 and saved $16.00 in coupons. My major stockups were:

Boneless skinless chicken breast @ $1.59 lb (my packages were weighed in at $1.56 lb)
Flour and sugar were on sale this week.
Maxwell House Coffee @ $4.99, regular price is $7.99.
Imperial Margarine @ $.59, getting ready for all that holiday baking!
Fisher Peanuts @ 3/$5.00, I had 6 $1 off coupons making them 6/$4.00.
Tony's frozen pizzas and pouches for $.75 each after coupons.
I got all my produce at Fareway, they have great deals this week including bananas for just $.29 lb!

At Target I spent $53.27 and my savings were $76.49 after coupons and clearance! The only bad thing about Target is I am a sucker for the clearance candy. Ugh! All Halloween items are 50% off right now. Tonight I stocked up on M&M's. I won't tell you how many bags I bought! The bags were regularly $2.50, marked 50% off then Target has a coupon out for $1/2 bags here. This made them $.99 each. My family are big time M&M eaters especially when we play cards so this was a great deal to me. Who cares is they are orange and black!

Another big stock up item for me at Target was Ocean Spray Juice. It is priced at $1.98, using the Target $1/1 here made them just $.98. Good stock up price for me. I also bought 6 Beef Chuck Steaks all ranging in price from $1.55-$2.95. It is on sale this week for $1.99 lb, regularly $3.99 lb.

I also bought my oldest son 2 shirts that were on clearance. I always skim the clothing section when I am there. You never know what you will find. These shirts were regularly $12.99 marked down to $3.24.

All is all it was a good night. I spent quite a bit of money but I am well stocked on some very expensive items, that I feel like I got really good deals on.

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  1. i also visit the clearance racks for clothes. they are often cheaper than goodwill (and brand new). the only issue we have is the very generous cuts.