Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chicken Plans

Sometimes I think that I think too much.

Last Spring I decided that I wanted to get chickens. That was my goal for the following Spring. I like the idea of chickens. I like the fact that they will provide my family with fresh eggs and meat if necessary. I want to get them as chicks and have the kids help me in the process of raising them and taking care of them. I think a lot of people including my husband thought I was silly.

7 months later I am still going strong with that goal. My dear SIL got me a feeder and waterer for my birthday. I joked that there was no turning back now.

I have been searching through pages and pages of online photos of chicken coops. I have read many different books on raising chickens. I still haven't made up my mind on my coop and run plans. I live in the suburbs and my backyard faces a gully which is full of raccoons, deer, and coyotes. Whatever I decide I have to make sure that my chickens are safe. I have spent many hours thinking about what I should do.

Sometimes I think I am thinking too much. Does it really have to be this hard?


  1. You may have seen my post yesterday . In an old post I show how we built our hutch. It is a tractor. You need chicken wire, 1x2's and washers to hold the wire better. Good wood screws. A power drill was awesome. Look into creigs list for free stuff. Sometimes you can find someone giving away just what you need. Be vigilant open a browser first thing in the morning and check it often throughout the day. Many folks do a first response thing. I love my birds.
    I have six small banties they are like half size chickens. Very kid friendly

  2. i have thought about doing this too!! we used to have a large dog, so i felt like it was kinda out because of that. but, i think it would be awesome to have eggs. i will definitely be watching to see how this pans out!

  3. There are just too many options. I guess I would go bigger rather than smaller, in case you want to expand later on. Good luck, I will be watching for more posts on this, because you know I want chickens too.