Monday, January 18, 2010

Chicken Talk

I had quite the adventure this weekend when I headed out to get some information on my chicken project. First off I went to Shopper Supply. This was the first and only place I would make it to. I actually had no problems there other than the guy I talked to was not real knowledgeable on the breeds of chickens that they would be getting in.

I then ventured out to find Des Moines Feed and Nursery. I actually headed the wrong direction first. Then realized that I googled the completely wrong place (I googled Des Moines Seed). When I finally got to where I needed to be (on the other side of town) they were closed. Dang.

So here is the information I came home with.

I can start my brooder for pretty cheap. I have decided to use a large rubbermaid tote to keep them in for about the first 6-8 weeks. I already have one so this won't cost anything. Here is what my other costs are looking like.

Heat Lamp $6.49
Lightbulb $2.59
Chick Feeder $4.19 (they have one for $3.19, but I want this metal one)
Chick Food 40# $10.99
Pine Bedding ? I have to check into this.
Thermometer ? I have to check into this.

I don't think I will be getting my chicks from Shopper. I am going to call Des Moines Feed tomorrow and see what they have to offer me. Shopper did say their chicks run around $2 each. They just order a large variety of birds in and you just come in and take home what you want. He wasn't real sure how I would know if they were male or female. I don't like that since I can't and don't want roosters. I do have a contact name of someone there to call on Wednesday if I had any more questions. Once I check into Des Moines Feed and Nursery I will let you in on what I find out.


  1. How exciting! I will be following your adventure closely. I can't have chickens right now because we rent our home. Can't wait for the day I can get my own chickens.

  2. We used newspaper for bedding for our chicks, but that was because we already got the paper. We usually did not get roosters, but it can happen. They can be sent to others for adoption or may need to be euthanized if you cannot find them a home.

    One thing that can be annoying is the water in the winter, you want to make sure that they have fresh water, but trying to thaw out the water dispensers can be a pain. We tried to remember to bring them in at night and take it out early in the morning, as they didn't drink much at night.

    Also, our chickens LOVED kale.

  3. if pine bedding is needles, you be covered already.