Monday, January 4, 2010

Eat From the Pantry Challenge Update

I took inventory of my freezers yesterday. I am feeling pretty good about what I have stocked up. I can safely say that we are fully stocked for our main courses for at least the next two months.

Hamburger 22 lbs
Beef Ribs 2
Stew meat 5
Roast 9
Steaks Single 25
Boneless Pork Ribs 1
Bags of Pulled pork meat 3
Bacon 2
Pork chops 2
Chicken legs 7
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Packages 15
Chicken Hindquarters 6 bags of 4 each
Chicken Nuggets 1
Turkey 1 whole
Fish 17 (some whole, some partial some with just 1 large fish in them)

2 containers of Pesto
Broccoli 9
Corn 1
Brussels Sprouts 2
Hot dogs 6
Cheddar Cheese 9
Mozzarella Cheese 4
Pears 2
Apples 2 cup bags 2
Cherries 2
Applesauce 5
Tomatoes 8 bags
Lunchmeat 2
Homemade White Bread 3
1 bagged of cooked turkey
2 Deer sausages
2 frozen bread dough
Many bags of HOT peppers, diced green and red bell peppers and rhubarb

Hubby and I are going to do some organizing in the basement. We are going to be purchasing some shelving units to make things a little bit more manageable. Hopefully we will be doing that in the next couple days. Once that project is finished I can reorganized my pantry and I will take inventory of the dry goods.

The only purchase I have made with the grocery budget so far has been $.82 worth of bananas and dishwasher detergent for $3.97 for a total of $5.08. I have $195 left for the month.

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  1. Those tomatoes look so good! Does the skin slip right off when they start to thaw? I have never tried freezing them like that before.

  2. Yes they do Jennifer, as they thaw the skins just shrivel up. My tomatoes at the end of the year where coming ripe at such sporadic times it was hard to can so I would just pop them in the freezer. It works pretty slick.

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  4. Sara, nice entry! what do you do with those tomatoes when you thaw them? Do you use them for sauces, soups, and stews and such?

  5. Yep, mostly we use them in chili.

  6. you must have a big family to need so much food come see how little we live on - now we're frugal xx