Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekly Shopping and Pantry Challenge Wrap Up

I finished up the pantry challenge spending about $170 on groceries for the month. That is $320 less than what I normally budget for and $30 lower than my goal for the challenge. Now I would like to say that all that money is going into our savings account but this month has been brutal with unexpected expenses (more on that to come later) and that extra money had to go to other places.

I feel pretty good about the challenge and plan to do it again in the future. We cleaned alot out of our freezer but still need more room because I am hoping to buy some grass feed beef sometime. My plan is to try and not buy any meat for a little while. We'll see how that goes. I still am not ready to defrost the freezer yet.

I am actually excited to scope out the deals again in February! I just tried to ignore them this past month.

I did score some pretty good deals at Hy-Vee on Friday. And I guess I did a little stocking up too! Hubby was completely out of lunches for work and Hy-Vee had a great sale. Here is what I got.
(13) Old Orchard Juices (not pictured) rock bottom priced of $.88 each!! Ok, I did stock up on these!!

The best deal of the day was...
(10) Weight Watcher Smart Ones Frozen Meals (Hubbys lunches) these were on sale 3/$5.00 they had a peelie on them for $4.00/10. Then I had coupons for buy 5 get a free breakfast sandwich and also buy 3 and get a free flat bread. So, I was able to get 2 free flatbreads and 3 free breakfast sanwiches. So I paid $7 for 15 meals. Woot!
(3) Skippy Peanut Butter
French Loaf
(2)I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
(5) Michelina Frozen Meals
(4) Sara Lee Bread
(3)1/2 Gallon Milks-also a great deal, $1.00 each because they were close to expiration.
2.26 lbs bananas
Sour Cream
(6) Yogurt

After coupons I spent $48.75

And...I remembered my reusable bags.

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