Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Failed Attempt at Pita Bread

I had this great tutorial all planned out. I took pictures of all the steps I did making my homemade pita bread the other day. The only problem? They turned out like this.Doh! I don't think I will give you advise on making your own pita bread. They turned out more like a tortilla or flat bread than pitas. They didn't puff.

They tasted ok. We used them anyway. I just switched up the dinner idea a bit. My oldest middle child and I ate the bread on it's own. Hubby made his into a quesidilla and my oldest and youngest used them for chicken tacos. It worked.

But why didn't they turn out? I had great help. I followed all the directions. Could it be the yeast? I just bought a new bottle. Could it be the flour? I am using Pillsbury which my sister said she has had terrible luck making bread with this flour. She has abandoned it for all bread making. I have noticed that my artisan bread is really flat too making me think that it is something wrong with the flour since there is no yeast in that.

I hate failed attempts. What do you think?


  1. I have to go with your sister on this one, I used to use pillsbury flour for everything and nothing turned out right and all of a sudden, I used it for years then all of a sudden for 2 years nothing. My first time making pita's yeilded flat bread also, I did not figure it out about the flour until I bought some other brand and made 2 batches of biscuits one night, and the new brand flour made the best looking biscuits and the pillsbury ones were flat!!! I have made pita's since using different flours ( Not pillsbury) and had no troubles. I don't know if they started processing it differently or what. Now I use organic flour, bob's red mill, and for almost all my bread recipes I use a mixture of bread flour and reg. flour. I love the fact you ate em anyway, So did we lol I said here they em....hahaha. Michelle

  2. I feel your pain. I have NEVER made a loaf of bread that didn't come out right!

  3. I think I am done with the Pillsbury flour for sure. I have also noticed that my biscuits have been flat too.