Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garden Update

Growing my own food makes me happy. My fruit trees are doing pretty well. Here is my Gala apple tree that I got last year. It has gotten quite a few blossoms.These are the cherry.My peaches didn't blossom so I am afraid there will be no fruit again this year. I may have to look into getting rid of those trees and replacing them with something else. I would love to get a pear or plum tree.

Here are the raspberries. This is new for me this year. My sister got 2 yellow raspberries plants for me last Fall and I purchased 1 red raspberry early Spring to add to it. They are all growing really well.My strawberries are doing awesome! I have done a lot of work in this bed this week. There was so many dandelions to pull. It is looking alot better now.Here are my peas and onions. Both seem to be doing well. The lettuce and spinach are coming up much slower. Hoping they will pick up soon.The deer have gotten into the garden and eaten my tomatos and nibbled on a few pepper plants. I actually went and invested in a fence. I am hoping to get that up this weekend and then I can plant the rest of the garden. A neighbor has also given me an entire rhubarb plant that she didn't want. I just have to go dig it up and move it to my yard!

How is your garden doing?


  1. All your gardening plans exhaust me. I'm glad you have so much drive and "energy". I know your garden will yield a lot of produce and you'll use every bit of it. We are so proud of you!

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  3. our spinach and lettuce are rockin', the rhubarb is great, the onions are good, the peas are slow. garlic and chives are up. basil and tomatoes look ok. sage and thyme look ok. strawberries already have berries. i swear it's the bees.