Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saving Money While Paying Bills

That seems like kind of an oxymoron huh? However, there are ways to save a few extra bucks while paying your bills.

Pay on time. Avoid a late fee or interest charges. If you own a credit card, try and pay it off each month so you don't accumulate unnecessary charges.

Use online billing. I used to be afraid of online billing, I like to have a paper trail. However my filing cabinets were filling up and I was spending alot on stamps. Most of my bills I now pay online. Just make sure you know it is a secure site and write down your confirmation numbers until you see the payment come through.

Pick up the phone and call. Instead of using a stamp and mailing my never ending medical bills I have been calling and making my payment over the phone. Saves me .44 cents each time.

Pay in full. Some companies offer a discount if you pay your bill in full. For example my auto insurance is due every 6 months. I can make a monthly payment or if I pay the full 6 month premium I get a $58 dollar discount. Putting money aside each month for this expense makes it seem like no big deal when the bill comes because I already had the money saved.

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  1. We started paying our bills online, too. It not only saves money on postage, but it gives us the peace of mind that the payment arrived. Just one episode of a payment getting lost in the mail gave us enough of a headache that we didn't want to do that again.