Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eat Local ~Farmer's Markets

As a personal goal, I am trying to feed my family more locally grown food. This past weekend we headed out to our local downtown Farmer's Market. Here is what we came home with.Locally grown asparagus, onions, spinach, and lettuce. We also purchased some steel cut oats and 7-Grain cereal from the Paul family of Paul's Grains. My favorite of the day is locally produced cheeses from Milton Creamery. My husband is a huge sourdough bread fan so we had to buy a loaf of bread for him and we couldn't leave out the kettle popcorn for me!

I love supporting our local farms. Also knowing where our food is coming from and knowing that it is chemical free makes me feel really good about feeding it to my family.

One of the most important things is to know your farmer. Buy what you know is in season. Obviously melons and sweet corn being sold at the market this time of year is not locally grown. Talk to the vendor and ask questions. I usually ask if they have grown the product themselves, if it is chemical free and where they are located. Most vendors will be eager to talk to you and answer your questions.

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  1. We hit our farmer's market this weekend too and came home with a similar haul. Yum!