Friday, May 28, 2010


Things are going great around the garden front. My strawberries are doing awesome! While my patch is not the prettiest (it's a tangled mess of plants, shoots and a few weeds thrown in) it seems to not matter. Here is the bowl I picked Tuesday, we got about 20 berries. Thursday I picked about 2 bowls this size and last night we picked this.There is a whole lot of strawberries in there and man are they good. Strawberries just happen to be my favorite fruit and a favorite in the house, hence all the excitement.

I have also been harvesting spinach, onions and lettuce almost daily.


  1. Oh wow! I planted strawberries for the first time this year. I have lots of flowers and can't wait for some berries. enjoy!

  2. They did get bigger! They look absolutely yummy. I've got a lot of lettuce and spinach. I will pick some to bring to you because we can't use it all.

    You asked for my mom's salad dressing recipe:
    1 cup Miracle Whip
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 Tablespoons vinegar
    1/3 cup condensed milk

    You can add more milk (and you can substitute cream, half and half, regular milk) to make it thinner. If you like it with more vinegar you can add more vinegar. I use this recipe with pasta salad, with lettuce, with cabbage to make cole slaw. Very versatile.

    Mom B.

  3. do you use a pesticide? my Strawberries have Issues... LOL.

  4. I hope everything is OK, you don't normally go this long without posting.

  5. Oh my gosh, I know! Everything is fine, thank you. Just been crazy here is all!