Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden Update

With all the rain and hot weather the garden has been growing at amazing speeds. So far I have harvested about 20lbs of strawberries, tons of lettuce, onions, spinach, cherries and some snap peas.

Before I left for vacation most of my plants were still in the beginning phases. Now I have huge leafy plants with blossoms! Here is a picture of my zucchini plant. I already have a few little zucchinis forming. This is my first year with this veggie.My watermelon and cantaloupe vines have really taken off.Here is a look at some of the tomato and pepper plants.Here are my sugar snap peas. They are dying and I don't know why. I am so bummed. They looked so good and now they are all turning yellow and dying before the peas are ripe. Any ideas?? My herb garden really took off. Now I have to figure out what to do with all of it. We planted a few types of basil (pesto...yum), oregano (will dry this), dill, parsley (need to dry this too), cilantro (wanted for salsa, didn't realize it would grow so quickly) and garlic.My cherries did pretty well this year. I have harvested 6 cups so far with another big bowl to clean and freeze today.The raspberries are growing and show hope of a few berries to maybe pick this year. This is my first year having these as well.My mini pumpkin vines are spreading! I think I need to till up some more ground around them and then maybe lay some mulch. Not sure about that yet.So far I have been pleased with the progress. I have huge hopes for Summer and Fall harvest so we will see what happens.

How is your garden growing?


  1. I had the same problem with my peas last year, growth and pods and death before harvest. I don't know why either. This year my first peas planting didn't even sprout so I started again. These peas are short, maybe 8" tall, and putting out blooms. I have my fingers crossed! Hope you figure out whats going wrong, I could sure use the help!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  2. I also had the pea problem, this is what I found on ehow: "For peas to "fix" nitrogen (convert it for use), certain bacteria must be present in the soil. They will be if your site has been cultivated before. But if yours is a brand-new garden, before you plant your seeds, you'll need to coat them with a powder called an inoculant. You'll find inoculants, and instructions for using them, at nurseries and in seed catalogs." Hope this maybe helps? -Amanda Y. (ayyogurt)(at(yahoo)

  3. HAHAHA -- i found a bag of cherries in my freezer today! my basil is not growing bigger. and our pumpkins in years past don't care if they are on grass or not. they lay down roots along the vine. we have tiny green tomatoes. the peas and tomatoes grow 5" every time the rain falls. and we loved having zucchini. I can't remember if i planted it this year. I think I put yellow squash or cucumbers instead.

  4. Interesting on the peas. I went to my local garden store today and they told me the reason they were turning yellow and dying is because we have has so much rain. It has been too wet for them. I am so disappointed. I think I might actually try and throw some more seeds in the ground and see what happens.

  5. I suppose the rain could be the problem since your garden stays a lot more moist than ours. My peas are more than a foot over the fence now and producing like crazy but the soil there drains really well. Maybe that is it?