Monday, August 2, 2010

Budget Review

It's a new month, time to check over those budgets. I for one have gotten extremely lazy the last few months. I have relaxed big time on our budget. We typically use the envelope system and the last couple months we have been using our debit card to pay for things. This was a huge no-no for us. I noticed a big difference in our spending habits. It makes a difference when you don't see the money actually leaving your pockets. It's easy to forget how much and how often you are spending.

So today I am reviewing our budget. School is coming up soon so I have to add back in school expenses and lunch money. Other categories will be reviewed and I will see if I can cut corners anywhere to place a little extra money into our savings account.

Once the budget is updated I can head out to the bank to fill up my envelopes for the month. Once the money in each category is gone, then I have to just deal with it until next month. It's time to get strict again with our spending and get back on track.

How about you? Have you reviewed your budget recently?


  1. I realllllllly need this system!!! need to make myself do it!

  2. Look at the numbers on that spread sheet. Rollin in the dough! ;-)

  3. I am trying to trim the budget amid ever increasing costs. Painful and frustrating to say the least. I have always considered the income I make writing to be extra to cover unexpected stuff, but I am wondering if I need to start figuring it in the budget? I find when I use the debit we spend more too.