Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freezing Onions

I picked the remainder of my onions from the garden. I have been using them here and there all summer. The tops were dead and we have gotten so much rain that the onions were all pretty much pushed up out of the ground. But what do you do with 22 onions? Well, I kept some of them to use over the next couple weeks. The rest I froze.

Freezing onions is simple, no need to blanch just wash the onions off and peal off the outer layer. Then just slice into small cubes or whatever size you like. These can be stored in ziplocks in the freezer for 3-6 months. Make sure to date your bags so you use them up before expiration.

These will be great in soups, chili, meat mixtures, stir fry etc.


  1. Those onions look beautiful. Were they difficult to grow? I tried potatoes (from spouted organic potatoes I had on hand) and we got a very small handful of VERY small potatoes. Kinda disappointing.

    I had no idea it was that easy to freeze onions. Would you believe in my pre-frugal days I used to buy frozen, chopped up onions. Oy! Do you flash freeze so they won't stick together?

  2. Mara,
    I won't even tell you what I used to buy before my frugal days! I don't flash freeze them. I just chop them up and place about 1 cup per bag. I figured this would be about the correct amount for most recipes I use.

  3. Sometimes I freeze my onions, but I grew up with grandparents who dried theirs. All I do is pull them, knock off any mud/dirt, and set them on old window screens. Keep them in a well ventilated and dry place. Once they are dry (takes a few days) I put them in mesh bags and keep them in a cool dry place.

    Works like a charm for me. I have never really had any go bad and they will last several months if the conditions are right. We eat onions in everything, so I planted 160 this year and have them all neatly stored for the months ahead.

  4. Wendy, wow I thought 22 was alot!