Monday, September 13, 2010

Baking Day

I think I am going to have a baking day here in the near future. I want to try a few new things. I have made homemade granola bars before but I am wanting to try a different recipe. I also want to try and make some homemade English muffins. I have 2 recipes I found and printed off. I love English muffins!

I need to make a couple loaves of banana bread and some more white bread as my supply is running low. My family devours this bread. I wish I could find a wheat bread that is sandwich quality. My oldest son likes wheat bread but the other kids are not big fans. The last few recipes I have made left the bread very dry and crumbly. I am still searching for that right recipe.

How about you? Baked anything good recently?


  1. Hi Sara! I did a baking day this weekend. Here is the link to the post on my blog:

    If you follow the link to my white bread recipe on that post, I have replaced up to half of the flour with whole wheat and it's been great. Also here's a honey whole wheat bread we like:

    I love your blog!
    Becky <><

  2. Sara, I made some yummy coffee cake yesterday. And I have a great recipe for english muffins. Hope to see you soon! How's the big project coming? grandma A

  3. Last week's cooler weather had me baking almost every day! Chocolate chip cookies, banana bread(with raw sugar on sprinkle on top and bottom-YUM!), cupcakes and cake for Lilly's birthday too of course. I've been wanting to try the homemade granola bars. Have you posted a recipe before?

    Last night at a meeting I won a door prize that was a freshly baked loaf of wheat sandwhich bread and it was amazing. I am hoping to score a recipe soon, I'll let you know. We ate almost the whole thing for lunch today already!

  4. beckyson25-Thanks for the links I will be checking them out for sure!

    Maria, YES! I would love the recipe for the wheat bread. I actually have a post ready about the granola bars. I will put it up here soon. I am looking for a new recipe to try though.

  5. I baked two loaves of bread today. One is already half gone! The last time I made granola bars they fell apart. Pretty sure I did something wrong, so I will be excited to try a new recipe.

  6. I have a delicious recipe for whole wheat bread and it is excellent for sandwiches or toast. Let me know if you want me to email it to's very simple!

  7. You should see this blog...

    She bakes A LOT just like you!! ;o)

    Happy Baking!

  8. Karen, yes please email me the recipe I would LOVE to try it.


    Christel, I think I have read her blog before. I will check it out again, thanks.

    All about us, I have the post written for the granola bars I will put it up here in the next day or two.