Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have been hitting the jackpot in the egg department. The last 2 days I have gotten 7 eggs both days.

This morning I headed out to check on the girls around 9:30am. I had one Buff on the floor in the corner sitting (where I have found an egg almost daily) and one of my Brahmas was making herself cozy in the first nesting box. Just 2 1/2 hours later at noon I found all 7 eggs!

There was one on the floor.Two in the first nesting box.One in the second nesting box.And three in the third nesting box.My total egg count for August was 59 . This is pretty good considering I got my first egg August 5. I got one a day for 3 days and then nothing until August 17th. Now I am 2 days into September and I have already gotten 14 eggs.

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  1. I'm so envious! We raised peeps about the same time you got your chicks; however, since we live in a townhome, we couldn't keep them once they grew too large for the brooder... and so we gave them to friends who have a farm in NJ.

    The chickens haven't fared quite as well as yours have. One was killed by their dog and one drowned, but the others are laying eggs... well, except for the one that turned out to be a rooster! (surprise, surprise)

    We visit them when we're up there and get a few eggs to bring home... and they are so wonderful that it makes me want to move to a place where I can have chickens of my own! Enjoy!

  2. So, how are you keeping up? Do you need to sell any? We may be interested ....

  3. Everytime my 5 year old finds an egg she gets so excited - and then so do the rest of us! You are right it is a Jackpot!