Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mouth Watering Garden Harvest

My garden is still producing pretty well. Here is a picture of 1 of 3 watermelons I had grown. This one especially was delicious! I am still getting quite a few green peppers as well as banana peppers. My tomatoes are slowly dieing off. I think I canned approximately 20 quarts of tomatoes for the winter.

I just planted some Fall lettuce and spinach a couple weeks ago. So far so good. This is my first year planting a Fall crop. Hoping it turns out. We love out lettuce. I also planted peas. I still had about 1/2 a package left and I got very few peas this Spring so I figured I would throw them in the ground and see what happens. They look really good right now. We will see if I can harvest any before the frost hits.My raspberry bushes are still giving me about a handful of berries each day. A nice little treat for me and kids each morning when we go outside to play.

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  1. I TRIED growing watermelon for the first time this year. Something OR someone can along and took them when they were pretty young. I honestly don't think any one would come take them because I live in a small housing development full of retired people and I doubt the 1year old down the street would do it! I was very very sad! Yours look GREAT! I hate buying watermelon in the store because I never get the perfect one.

  2. It really stinks when something or someone raids your garden. I have masked bandits (ie: racoons) that steal my cantaloupes every year. I've got to pick them before the coons do, otherwise I get none!

    I've also had kids pick all the citrus off of my trees and smash them, for no reason other than they could. Very disheartening.

  3. the problem with growing water-melons is that you must giving the crops lot of water, if now it become dry, we need it juicy. using irrigation system very recommended!