Friday, September 10, 2010

U-Pick Farms

The kids and I visited The Berry Patch Farm in Nevada the other day. We headed there to pick some raspberries and apples. This is our second time at this U-pick farm. We went last month and picked our own blueberries.

We picked roughly 15lbs of apples and a little over 1 1/2 lbs of raspberries. I would have loved to pick a few more raspberries for freezing but there just wasn't too many left.

The apples were a great deal. This farm is well known for their honeycrisp apples and they are delicious! We picked a few pounds of them and then some other varieties (I am not sure what they are called, they are a little tarter). If you pick apples off the tree they are $2 a pound for the honeycrisp and $1 a pound for the other varieties. If you pick off the ground they are half price! Since it was such a windy day when we were there, there was apples everywhere. We picked all our apples off the ground and only paid about $10.

Next year I plan to pick alot more berries from there and preserve them for the year. How about you, have you ever been to a U-pick farm?


  1. what an awesome experience!! I wish there were more of them down here!!

  2. here's a mystery to me: How do they know you picked up off the ground and not from the tree?

  3. My grandparents used to own an apple orchard, so I used to pick everything for free. :) Now they have about 6 huge apple trees. I went yesterday and picked a bunch of Macintosh for sauce. I was also able to get quite a few windfalls since it has been so windy. In about a month I will be able to pick Jonagold and Harlson.

    I went to my neighbors yard a few weeks ago and got 1/2 a bushel of pears and I was able to get 1/2 a bushel of grapes. I planted 6 ever-bearing raspberry bushes this year, so I hope I get a good crop next year.

  4. Anonymous, Honesty is key I guess. They just trust that you are telling the truth.

    Wendy, My in-laws neighbors have a couple apple trees that we can pick from. Last year I made a TON of applesauce from their apples. This year I am planning on going back and getting more that I can just cut up and freeze for use in pies, turnovers, crisps, etc. Good luck on your raspberries this was my first year of having them and so far I have been very pleased.