Friday, October 22, 2010

Garden Harvest

My garden is just about done for the year. I am a little sad because it is so nice to go out and pick fresh fruits and veggies from my own yard. I am pretty happy with what I have preserved for the Winter months. I definitely can't complain about my harvest this year.

I am still getting a handful of raspberries every day or two.I harvested a ton of Jalapeno peppers and some banana peppers. I had good intentions of trying to make some jalapeno jelly but I just had to cut out some projects and this was one of them. Maybe next year. I opted to freeze a bunch of them so hubby could use them for his chili and other recipes.
Here is a picture of the last of our watermelons. It was delicious. I got a total of 4 nice size melons this year.
I also planted some fall lettuce. It isn't doing real well but I have gotten enough for a salad for myself for lunch! I haven't done well watering it or anything so that may have made a difference.

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