Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Menu Plan

Hubby planned the meals this week. We already blew Mondays dinner because we were out shopping till late and then didn't have enough time to come home and cook. We are apparently going to have to allow more time for every event or errand when we have the baby with us. I forget all the things involved with a newborn (like taking an additional 30 minutes to sit in the van and nurse her.)

So Monday we ended up stopping and picking up some chicken strips and dinner rolls from the store. Much cheaper to do this than go through the drive through.

Tonight we had steak, baked potatoes, grilled bread and lettuce salad.

Wednesday will be homemade pizzas. LOVE homemade pizza. I will be sharing my recipe for a super quick and easy pizza dough.

Thursday hubby is making pepper jack potato soup. This is a new recipe so I am excited to try it. We will have homemade dinner rolls as well.

Friday will probably be leftovers.

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