Monday, December 13, 2010

Surviving the First Storm

Well the chickens survived the first snow storm of the year. Lucky too because somehow, sometime the cord to the heat lamp that runs to the coop got unplugged. I panicked when I noticed it early yesterday morning. The wind chills were near 30 below. I ran out to check on them and thankfully they were all ok.

The water of course was frozen. I just purchased a new waterer that has a heated base but with no electricity to the coop it obviously wasn't working. I brought it in the house and let it thaw and took it back out to them and they were definitely thirsty.

Today I introduced them to Scratch. I bought a bag the other day from Tractor Supply. I heard it is good to give them in the winter. I put some in a dish today and they went crazy for it. Anyone else use this? How much do you give your birds and how often? I just gave them about 2-3 cups and it didn't last long.

Yesterday I got 7 eggs and today I got 8. Even in this cold weather they are doing a wonderful job of providing our family with breakfast each morning.

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  1. You are so lucky you are still getting eggs! Our friend's chickens (we get them for $1 a dozen) don't really produce in the cold months. Needless to say I have one dozen left and then I am stuck spending $3 a dozen for organic eggs until spring. It makes me really appreciate them all the months I can!