Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30 Days of Nothing Challenge Day 18

Things are going well. I did go to the store today. I actually shopped at Aldi. I haven't been there is ages. I heard they had really cheap milk so I thought I would check that out and see what kind of prices they had on other items.

I went ahead and picked up some produce while I was there. Their prices were reasonable I thought. Here is what I got.Bananas $1.81
Carrots $.59
Spinach $1.69
Pretzels $1.29
4 Yogurts @ $.35 each
Milk $2.29

Total spent was $9.01. That leaves me with $13.05 left for the month.

We have eaten dinner at home every night. I made my first French bread the other day. It turned out pretty well and was super easy to make. I will post about that later this week.

The kids have done a much better job about turning off lights and making sure doors are closed tightly. Recycling is going better as well. I have seen a decrease in the amount of trash we have been putting out.

We have kept the inside temperature at 66. I wish it wasn't so cold outside (lows below zero this week). The furnace seems to run non-stop.


  1. good for you. we downsized our trash collection bin for a lower rate. it's amazing that the 6 of us have less trash than the neighbors with their overflowing, larger bin.

  2. I suppose you would call me a "lurker". I do not have a blog but like to skip around cyperspace and look in on other people that do. I especially enjoy sites that help me get more "bang for my buck" or, even better, help me save some of those bucks to begin with. I stumbled on your blog quite by accident and I must say that it has truly been an inspiration to me. I am a SAHM with 2 teenage sons (one away at college) and it seems like I'm constantly spending WAY TOO MUCH at the grocery store, even though I am an avid coupon user. We kill our own beef, buy chicken and pork only when it's on sale, raise a garden, get eggs from our in-laws chickens, etc. but I'm still spending an extraordinary amount on "frivolous" purchases. Your blog has been extremely helpful in allowing me to see where I am wasting a lot of my money. I wish you and your family the best on the rest of the "30 Days of Nothing" challenge and want you to know that, if it hasn't helped anybody else, it has helped me.

  3. Got to love Iowa winters. I woke up to -5 this morning. I wish I could turn our heat down more. We have it on 69 and that was a big change considering I usually kept it on 71. Keep up the good work!

  4. Your posts have inspired me to challenge myself to get serious about reducing the amount of food in my freezer and pantry. I get a lot out of the menus that you post.

  5. Anonymous-thank you! I really appreciate your comment.

    starlighthill-I am glad the menus help. We aren't too fancy. Simple is where I like it.

    All About Us-every degree helps with the bill. Be happy that you were able to drop it a little!

  6. Ames Aldi milk is $1.99! File that away in your mind for times you are heading North!