Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 Days of Nothing Day 26

Yesterday I took the kids to the mall to play at the indoor play area. We had made a deal before we left the house that there would be no whining for pretzels (Auntie Anne's is out tradition, if we make a trip to the mall, we get a pretzel). The kids did pretty good. I took a substitute snack along and that seemed to work ok. There was just a little bit of begging, but no fits. I think it was actually harder for me. I had to sit there and smell the pretzels the whole time the kids played. Mouth watering...

While at the mall we stopped in at Target so I could see what they had available for space heaters. While there I browsed the little girl section, seeing 75% off signs. I had to walk away. I just kept telling myself, it will be even cheaper at garage sales in a few months.

We also had to go to the feed store because the chickens were out of food. I went ahead and got our cat food there as well. Total spent...$42.16. I had $19 that I had earned from selling eggs. I used that towards the total cost. It would be nice to sell enough eggs to pay for their food.

I forgot to mention that we went to a spaghetti dinner the other night. It was to support my nephews boy scout troop. We did give a donation. I felt that is was well worth it though, supporting a good cause.


  1. you are ROCKING this challenge! good job!

  2. I am learning a lot from your posting. Thanks!

  3. So proud of your whole family it is only 4days away. So you have been awesome!!!

  4. Thank you everyone. It has been a good experience.