Saturday, January 29, 2011

30 Days of Nothing Day 29

Almost there. We are doing well. I ran to the store again yesterday because we ran out of toilet paper, never a good thing. So I stopped at Fareway and bought TP, lettuce and a gallon of milk. Total spent was $7.97. I am not counting the TP towards our grocery so that leaves me with $4.18 left for the month.

There is one thing I bought though. I did purchase some Pampered Chef items from my SIL, so I did have to write a check for that. I wasn't going to since we are having this challenge but Pampered Chef only comes along so often and I wanted to get it from her. So there, I admitted it. Sigh...that has been the only non necessity purchase we made so far for the month.


  1. I love Pampered Chef too, and sometimes you have to treat yourself!

  2. You should really be proud of yourself! Don't worry about one Pampered Chef purchase. Everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while. Plus look at how much time you spend in the kitchen. I am a firm believer in making the time you spend there fun! Sure it might not have been a necessity, but their products are fun, durable, save you time, and can be considered an investment piece. :) Good job with all you accomplished this month! Very inspiring.

  3. Thanks ladies! Now I don't feel quite as guilty! LOL.